A Different Church - A Different Way!

Do you feel disappointed with your life sometimes? Have you screwed up your relationships with friends and family and the harder you try it just leads to the same thing! You've done your best but it just hasn't been enough! ME TOO!
That's why we decided to be part of a new church; a place where we can be honest, hang out, and get closer to God.  If you can say "me too," come check us out and see if this is the right fit for you!
-Pastor Steve and Kim Graham 
Real People - "Me too" people with a desire to find a better life.
Real Kids - PDX Kid's Church is a fun and safe environment!
  • Infants - Kindergarten (experiencing God's love)
  • 1st - 6th Grade (exploring God's love)
Real Excitement - Awesome music, service trips, hanging with friends, unconventional events, and refreshing times with God.
Real Opportunity - Don't just come and look - become a part of a team.