Easter Reflection

Easter is the most important date on the Christian calendar. It is the day Christ rose from the dead and proved once and for all his claim to be the Son of God and the Savior of the World. And yet, millions of people will attend church Easter Sunday who have never really considered the practical implications of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter has become a tradition for many people, a day to gather with family and friends to attend church and then perhaps have a meal together. In time, the memory of Easter will fade for many until it rolls around next year, and the process is repeated.

Which is a tragedy, because if Jesus really did rise from the dead, then it sets Him apart from every other human who has ever lived. If He did rise from the dead, then shouldn’t we give full attention to His teaching, His miracles and His commands? The evidence for His resurrection is overwhelming: The tomb was empty, He was seen by the women early Sunday morning, His apostles found new courage to proclaim Him because their lives had been changed by knowing He was alive, He was seen by large crowds of people, Paul’s conversion from orthodox Jew to a convert to Christianity, and, finally, the fact that many of His followers gave their live for Him in the coming years. Would they have given their lives if they hadn’t believed Jesus had risen from the dead?

The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christianity; without it, as Paul says, our faith is in vain. However, knowing something is true and acting on that truth are two different things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this Easter we all not only accepted the reality of Jesus’ resurrection, but made a commitment to follow Him with all our hearts?